Samuel Olusegun ADEYEMI


Some aspects of the biology of Hyperopisus bebe occidentalis at Idah Area of River Niger were studied between October and December, 2010. A total of 129 fish samples were used for the study. The length-weight relationships were analyzed using the formula W = aLb and transformed to Log W = Log a + b Log L. Stomach contents were analyzed by frequency of occurrence method. The standard length for males, females and combined sexes ranged between  10.9 – 21.04 (cm),  11.3 – 22.5 (cm) and 10.90 – 22.70(cm) with b – values of 3.2953, 3.5015 and 3.4071. The condition factors for the male, female and combined sexes ranged from 0.56 – 0.98, 0.57 – 0.98 and 0.46 – 0.98, respectively. The result of the food and feeding habits showed that the fish feeds mainly on plant part (23.2%), larvae (14.4%), mollusk (24.0%), sand grain (17.6%), detritus (24.8%), Worm (10.4%), Algae (28.8%) and unidentified item (25.6%), respectively. H. bebe occidentalis in Idah area of River Niger could be referred to as an omnivore, feeding mainly on plant materials. 

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