Keziah Nwamaka IBEMENUGA


Seasonal changes in physico-chemical parameters of Wusum reservoir was investigated for twelve months in three selected stations. Water samples were taken from the surface of the reservoir and transported to the laboratory for analysis. Temperature was determined in-situ. Hydrogen ion concentration, conductivity, turbidity, nitrate-nitrogen and phosphate-phosphorus were determined in the laboratory. The results showed that temperature and conductivity were significantly higher (P<0.01) during the dry season whereas turbidity and phosphate-phosphorus were significantly higher (P<0.01) during the wet season. Correlation analysis showed that temperature was positively correlated with conductivity (P<0.05) and negatively correlated with turbidity (P<0.05), nitrate-nitrogen (P<0.05) and phosphate-phosphorus (P<0.01). 

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