Felicia Nkechi EKEH, Nkiru Esther EKECHUKWU, Ikechukwu Eugene ONAH


A four months research survey of arthropod pests infesting dried fish sold in a tropical urban community market (Ogige), Nsukka, Nigeria showed that 10 genera of dried freshwater fish (Synodontis, Hemisynodontis, Oreochromis, Hepsetus, Gymnarchus, Labeo, Protopterus, Heterobranchus, Alestes, Heterotis) and two species of cod fishes sold in the market were arthropod infested. The pests were extracted by illumination and cracking methods and identified using relevant taxonomic keys. Voucher specimens were kept in the Museum of Natural History, Department of Zoology, University of Nigeria. Each of the fish genera harboured at least one of the following arthropods: Dermestes maculatus, Necrobia rufipes, Lardoglyphus konoi, Theridion saxatile and Tribolium castaneum. T. castaneum was found only in fish bones in the stall. Besides the resident pests, Periplaneta americana, Lucilia spp, Calliphora spp and Musca domestica were visiting pests of the dried fish sampled. D. maculatus was the dominant resident pest accounting for 57.07 % of the collected arthropods while Necrobia rufipe was next in importance, accounting for 21.54 %. The pests were identified using keys and voucher methods.

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