Ikem Chris OKOYE, Rose Nduka Nwanyo OBIEZUE


A survey of gut parasites of rodents was undertaken in Nsukka ecological zone. Out of the 87 rodents caught and examined, 47 (54.0%) were positive for helminth parasites. The prevalence rates for the various rodents examined were 60.0% for Xerus erythropus (squirrels); 59.3% for Cricetomy sp. (giant rats) and 48.9% for Rattus rattus (house rats). The difference in prevalence rates amongst the rodents was statistically insignificant (P>0.05). The  parasites isolated were 2 Cestode species- Hymenolepis sp (17.2%) and Raillietina sp; 3 nematode species- Trichuris muris (9.2%),,  Ascaris sp (2.3%), Cyathostomum sp (4.6%) and one Acanthocephalan- Moniliformis morniliformis (6.9%).

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