Nathaniel WANMI, Esther KIGIR, Michael SAMUEL


This study was carried out to investigate the developmental morphometry of the whole body and brain weights of wild grey breasted helmeted guinea fowl in Nigeria. Domestication of this species of bird is in the increase but information on the development of the body and brain, and how it relates to the neurobiology of this bird is scanty, thus the need for this study. The mean weights of the whole embryo and brain of wild helmeted guinea fowl on day 4 of incubation were 0.040 ± 0.0021 g and 0.010 ± 0.004 g. On day 13, 23 and 28, their mean body weights were 1.951 ± 0.08 g, 12.592 ± 1.305 g and 18.687 ± 1.647 g, respectively. At post-hatch, the mean weights of the brain and whole body of helmeted guinea fowl keets at day 1 was 20.353 ± 1.1946 g. At days 10, 37 and 55, the mean weights were 30.089 ± 2.4275 g, 109.062 ± 4.5119 g and 244.401 ± 26.2049 g, respectively. Developmentally, on day 4 of incubation, embryo begins to for and brain weights increases with increase in body weight. The mean weight of the keet of helmeted guinea fowl was established at 20.353 ± 1.1946 g. Breeders can use this as a standard to ascertain the growth performance of keets.


Morphometry, Body weight, Brain weight, Guinea fowl, Numida meleagris galeata

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